3 Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions

Tips for keeping resolutionsHow are your New Year’s resolutions going? If you’re like most Americans, there’s a big chance you made losing weight or getting in shape one of yours this year. We’re about two weeks into 2014, and unfortunately, many have already given up on their healthy resolutions for the year. If you’re still hanging on to yours or are ready to start now, we’ve got some tips for making this the year you achieve the body sculpting and weight loss goals of your dreams.

1. Make small goals. Instead of setting a momentous goal from the get go, such as losing 50 pounds, break your main goal into smaller, more manageable objectives. If you want to lose inches and a certain number of pounds, take it month by month. For example, aim to lose eight pounds by February 15. If you want to augment an exercise program, you can plan a month of weight loss, followed by a CoolSculpting session, where you can freeze the fat with this revolutionary but safe technology. By setting smaller goals, you can track your progress easier and stay motivated.

2. Write it down, make it happen. Write down your goals—research shows that writing them down makes them more tangible to you, while making you more accountable. Whether your goal is to implement a low-carb diet, increase flexibility or take body sculpting classes, make lists and write them on post-it notes. Post them everywhere and read the notes every day so you’re constantly reminded, since repetition is key to maintaining your resolve.

3. Set rewards. Reward yourself when you hit the small goals along the way. Every time you lose a couple of pounds or inches, or if you just stayed on track with your diet or exercise program, give yourself some sort of reward to help you stay motivated. Whether it’s a new outfit, a vacation, a movie or even a session to freeze the fat so you can enhance your weight loss efforts, just make it something you will enjoy. However, avoid making fattening food a reward.

image: fitsugar.com