CoolSculpting Can Target Unsightly Batwings

get rid of batwingsAs we age, we start to gain fat in areas we don’t expect to. While many of us have unfortunately experienced tummy bulge, love handles and thunder thighs, there are some areas that are difficult to target and not something you want to suffer through a surgical procedure for. A perfect example is an area that many women complain of—it’s the dreaded area of under your arms that many call “batwings.” It’s that part of your arm that continues to jiggle after you stop waving goodbye to your friends. While it’s not a huge area of your body, it bothers many and makes us self-conscious about wearing sleeveless tops and dresses, even in the summertime. No matter how many arm circles, tricep dips and body sculpting classes you take, they don’t seem to budge. In fact, as we get older, they actually seem to get more pronounced.

Luckily, there are alternatives to liposuction and other surgical procedures. If you want to get rid of that extra jiggle so you can wear that sleeveless gown you’ve been dreaming of, CoolSculpting is an ideal solution. With little downtime and recovery time, you can get back to normal activities as soon as the same day, and not have to worry about how the procedure will inconvenience your life.

Those evil batwings don’t have to affect your life any longer. You can freeze the fat quickly and easily in a session at one of our CoolSculpting facilities. The procedure is perfect for areas like these, as it can hone in on those smaller parts of our body that sometimes even the most targeted body sculpting exercises don’t seem to affect.

Are you ready to eliminate those bothersome batwings? If you are, this is an excellent way to discover how well some of the alternatives to liposuction like CoolSculpting work without all of the pain, recovery and downtime.