Foods for Reducing Fat

CoolSculptingOnce you’ve decided to try CoolSculpting, the fat freezing technology for reducing fat in trouble spots, it’s essential to establish a plan for maintaining your fat loss. In an ideal scenario, patients should start eating right and exercising even before they take their CoolSculpting before and after photos—but once they see the results, their motivation will be stronger than ever.

Once you have your fat freezing treatment, you can start seeing results as soon as three weeks afterwards. Seeing these changes in your body is very motivating—you’ll definitely want to maintain the transformation that is underway. A healthy diet is key for keeping the fat off and experiencing long-term results, so you’ll want to choose foods that actually aid in fat burning and reduction.

Read on for three food groups you should integrate into your diet to help reduce fat and keep looking like the latter section of those CoolSculpting before and after photos.

Lean protein. A diet rich in lean protein is essential for weight loss and can help you keep the fat off after your CoolSculpting procedure. Lean protein builds lean muscle, which boosts caloric burn—so foods that are protein-rich actually raise your metabolism and help you stay trim. Foods loaded with protein also fill you up longer and promote healthy digestion.

Whole Grains. Choose fiber-rich whole grains instead of refined, processed foods. Whole grains take longer to break down in our digestive systems, and therefore stave off hunger and raise our metabolism so that our body functions more efficiently.

Fruits and vegetables. The fiber in fruits and veggies help us stay full longer, and the nutrients are what keeps our bodies healthy and functioning properly. Choose a variety of colorful fruits and veggies so that you benefit from the wide array of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals they contain.