Taming Troublesome Thighs

CoolSculptingFor many of us, no matter how many miles we run, squats we do and lunges we perform, we still can’t get rid of the unsightly pockets of fat that stick to our thighs. Thankfully, we are no longer limited in our options when it comes to troublesome thighs—now you can freeze the fat using the safe, non-invasive CoolSculpting technique that is revolutionizing fat removal across the country.

Just a few years ago, our options for fat removal in the thigh area were limited—surgical procedures such as liposuction seemed to be our only options. The promise of taut thighs through that risky surgical procedure doesn’t guarantee you will love the results. In fact, many patients experience an unattractive dimpling effect or unnatural looking results from liposuction procedures. When you freeze the fat through our safe and effective body sculpting technique, you run neither of those risks, nor do you undergo a life-threatening procedure that requires anesthesia.

Another very attractive benefit of CoolSculpting that you absolutely will not enjoy with a surgical procedure is the downtime—there is literally none. You can go back to work and physical activities the same day, while with liposuction, it could be weeks, if not months, of pain, swelling, numbness and bruising—and those are the minimal side effects. We won’t even go into the possibility of infections, nerve damage or worse.

CoolSculpting is an amazing body sculpting procedure that can reduce and remove the volume of fat cells in your thighs, abdomen, flanks and other areas, safely and non-invasively. The amalgamation of fat in our thighs can be very difficult to remove as we age, no matter how much we exercise. Spot reduction is extremely difficult, if not impossible, through exercise alone, so if you’re having trouble with the thigh area, CoolSculpting is an excellent alternative to liposuction to explore.